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    Must-Read rules before applying


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    Must-Read rules before applying

    Post  Mocro on Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:30 pm

    1. Please follow the format that has been provided by me.

    2. If you have been denied you will have to wait another two weeks before applying again. In those two weeks you will still have to be active on the forum and in the game.

    3. Be sure that you have:
    - 30 Forum posts (No spamming)
    - Are active at all times possible (If you are going away please leave a note, or PM to an admin)
    - A reputation
    - In-game account
    - Experience for the position that you are applying for

    4. Absolutely no leeching.

    5. Do not reply on other's application, unless you are a donator, or staff.

    6. Do not apply when you are already applying on other servers. (Unless your work is exceptional)

    7. Do not lie.

    Thanks to dill for the rules.

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