Mocro gunz are back!!!

Mocro Gunz client comming soon!

    Jake for Dev


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    Jake for Dev

    Post  JakeNoX on Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:10 pm




    GMT -/+:Canada-usa -6:00

    Contact(MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, E-Mail, etc.):light4674 @ , steam ID - JakeNoX(im on this allday)skype- jake.nox

    Tell us about yourself:well i started creating models since 2008 from runescare to gunz back and forth, i find my self in peace while making models, i enjoy it

    What times are you available?usally over 10 hours + on day offs and weekends
    weekdays- 4-7 hours

    What can you contribute to Mocro GunZ? loads of models i found and created and i dont think finding the models of websites are considered leeching

    What makes you think that you are good enough to work at Mocro GunZ?
    i used to play mocrogunz since v4.0 i think i am worthy

    Past Server/s? Ventimice. sytes. net(currently its not working for me but if you look in the dev apps you can find mine

    Proof that you've worked on past servers: Ventimice. sytes. net no scapes

    Work that has been already made before(No leeching or consequences will include being banned) ill upload pics asap(probably tomorrow cause im on a diff comp ^^)
    -edit-these are some pics from january 31st dont judge cause today is august 2nd
    i43. servimg . com/u/f43/16/73/25/15/blende12 .jpg <------- take off space
    i43. servimg . com/u/f43/16/73/25/15/blende13 .jpg <------- take off space
    i43. servimg . com/u/f43/16/73/25/15/blende14 .jpg <------- take off space
    im more experienced then i was 8 months ago trust me

    Work that you have made for Mocro GunZ: none yet

    Programs used to create the work above: metaseq, blender, photoshop

    Closing Sentence:If you dont think i am worthy its alright just wanted to share my creativity to this community

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